1. Best Friends Don't Tell Lies. This was a small paperback book with two girls in big sweaters on the cover - a blonde and a brunette. The subtitle at the bottom of the cover said "...but Jill does." Jill was the blonde and after her parents divorced, she became an alcoholic.
  2. At one point in Best Friends Don't Tell Lies, the brunette goes to Jill's house to make sure she's okay. She looks through the window and sees Jill drunkenly fall down the stairs. Jill hits her head and this jeopardizes her swimming career. She was a champion swimmer, so this is a wake up call.
  3. Rabble Starkey. This was a white hardback book made of a weird material. I won it at a library raffle. There was a girl with red hair and some other people on the cover. The climax involves a stepmother or mother trying to baptize the redhead girl in a lake. Don't remember what happens before this.
  4. If This Is Love, I'll Take Spaghetti. The cover has an illustrated picture of a Kristy Thomas kind of girl holding a phone away from her ear in an exasperated manner. The book is a collection of short stories about teenage love, all by the same author.
  5. Unknown title/unknown cover. This book begins with a family at breakfast. While they're eating, the main character's sister has an aneurysm and dies immediately. This was a terrible book for a nervous child to find and I believe it is responsible for ALL of my adult issues.