Emily St. Grayan.
  1. Emily read Harriet the Spy once a year, starting in 4th grade. At 27, she was embarrassed to admit she still performed this annual ritual.
  2. Of all the childhood habits to keep up, why this one? She used to eat like a rabbit, do math puzzles for fun, and was able put her leg behind her head. These would have all been helpful skills for a modern woman.
  3. At 17, Emily lost her copy of Harriet the Spy. The copy she owned now was a replacement. She still thought of it as "the new copy" even though it was now ten years old. It was older than the original copy.
  4. Blond hair, green eyes. These were the features she'd always she wanted. She had blond hair and brown eyes. It was a huge difference.
  5. She wanted glasses too. Oh, to be called Four Eyes! She saw it as a privilege. Later, a lot of her friends who didn't need glasses wore them to look smart or sexy, depending on the specific inadequacies of their baseline appearances. Emily considered it.
  6. In the end, she learned to accept her two brown eyes.