Curiosities of My Hometown

Requested by @helytimes. Bay Shore, NY
  1. Bay Shore. Two words. There was once an investigative journalism piece on a NY news station about the ubiquitous and wrong "Bayshore." It was a long piece. The conclusion was it's officially two words.
  2. Home of Mario Puzo in his retirement
  3. Home of the Tensabarrier. You know those crowd control ropes you see in every line from airports to concerts? Look down at the logo. Those are made in Bay Shore.
  4. Home of Entenmann's. The original factory and Entenmann's mansion are in Bay Shore. This year, the factory closed and a lot of people lost their jobs. As a child, I always had access to pies, cakes, and cookies not released in the rest of the country.
  5. One of the original Survivor castmembers was from our town. Big year for us.
  6. "It's where you take the ferry to get to Fire Island." This is how I explain Bay Shore to anyone living in Manhattan.
  7. New York State girls' softball champs 2001. Not on the team, but still very proud.