This is the hardest list I've ever had to write! I went off the top of my head and will continue to add to this list until the end of time! And no, I couldn't find proper gifs for all of these!
  1. Rory's graduation speech. I love my mom, you guys. Obviously this one hits close to home.
  2. Rory's freakout that she hasn't read enough books during the Harvard tour. I felt this before I went to Harvard, while at Harvard, after Harvard, and currently right now. Like I was probably absent from ListApp so long because I was reading books like the Rory nerd I am.
  3. Lorelai's breakup ultimatum to Luke. Who hasn't been in a relationship where you just can't take it anymore and need an immediate out so you offer up an impossible question and then bolt as soon as you get the answer you knew you would?
  4. Jess trying to win back Rory at the end of Season 4. Similarly, sometimes you regret a breakup and have to go for it. I understand Jess. Even though this is a truly crazy move. Still Team Jess.
  5. Lorelai breaking down to Luke and saying she wants the WHOLE PACKAGE. Lorelai is so strong! And finally she gets one cliched lonely single girl moment and she totally deserves it! When I was single, I was rarely strong and whined all the time. But I imagined I was noble and plucky like Lorelai.
  6. "Pack your chastity belt, Gilmore!" I can't totally repurpose this. I just love Paris.