Sometimes you have a great date that is so perfectly romantic, it makes you think you've found the love of your life, but it's actually just a good date that ultimately leads to nothing.
  1. Evening at the Santa Monica pier. My first time on a Ferris Wheel. Lots of cuddling. Fun boardwalk games. Italian dinner.
  2. Day starts in afternoon and we talk through lunch, dinner, drinks, second late night dinner.
  3. LA philharmonic, then a walk through Downtown park. We kiss in front of the fountain. So not the guy for me, but the date setting was amazing!
  4. Night at Knott's Scary. It's raining, so most things are closed. We end up holding hands in haunted mansion, then run through rain under shared umbrella. Talk/make out all night.
  5. This is The End at the Arclight. Dinner nearby. Kiss in Arclight parking lot. This was my first date with my boyfriend. I always felt like Sunset/Vine area had romantic potential and finally I'm proven right.