1. Make a weighted pro/con list. For example, if you're choosing between two jobs and one is in LA and you really love LA, then "Job in LA" would be a 15 point pro and something like "Get to meet new people" would be 5 points. Or vice versa depending on what's really important to you.
  2. Cry. This is a big decision. Let your body honestly express itself and start sobbing.
  3. Call your Mom.
  4. Take a walk maybe?
  5. Text a friend at random and ask for their opinion. Were you hoping they'd say something in particular? Helps you find your gut instinct. As seen on Friends when Rachel finds out she's pregnant.
  6. Become very high-minded and literary about it and be grateful you're not Hamlet. He was the most indecisive. At least your inaction won't lead to a woman drowning.
  7. Imagine the worst case scenario result of each choice.
  8. Ask: will this matter in ten years or even ten months? Will anyone get hurt? If the answers are no, flip a coin and let the fates decide!
  9. Ask yourself about each scenario: "if one thing went wrong, how mad will I be?" Because one thing will likely go wrong, and this is a good way to judge about how much passion you have for either option.
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  10. I heard that making a decision quickly supposedly makes you happier in the long run even if you ended up choosing the worse option (this is probably relative to how much indecision stresses you out though).
    Suggested by @chris
  11. Thought I once heard that Freud said you should really weigh small decisions but make big decisions instantly. Do that?
    Suggested by @helytimes
  12. Sleep on it
    After you freak out and poll people and cry and feel cross eyed with indecision, eat a good dinner, take a bath, get a good night of sleep and then, in a quiet moment see what bubbles to the surface.
    Suggested by @laure
  13. Give up. You're clearly in over your head.
    Suggested by @yesthatdavid