1. My assignment was to cover Jingle Ball from a teen POV. My parents dropped me off with the photographer and then went to dinner. This is interesting because my parents were divorced, but have since gotten back together. Maybe waiting together during Jingle Ball sparked something.
  2. My photographer was an adult guy with dirty blond hair. He didn't seem to care that his partner in journalism was 15. I don't remember his name, and when I think about him, I just see the photographer from "The Real Me" episode of SATC.
  3. When Ricky Martin left stage, he put a towel over his face so no one could get a photo of him and someone yelled, "You're not that pretty!" I had never seen an adult be so rude before, except earlier when...
  4. At one point before the show, the photojournalists all got super excited because a pretty, famous blonde was walking by. Then one of them said, "Ugh, it's just Ivanka Trump," and they all stopped taking pictures. Terrible adults! I was shocked by their behavior.
  5. I saw Susan Sarandon and a young Eva Amurri backstage and it confirmed my suspicions that Susan Sarandon seemed cool.
  6. At one point, I broke journalism code and asked my photographer to take a picture of me with LFO. After that, whenever I heard their song "Girl on TV," I changed it to "Boy at JB" because I had a crush on Rich Cronin. He's since passed away. He was very kind and sweet that night.
  7. I snuck out to the concert area to see Jennifer Lopez headline. I think she brought out Fat Joe.
  8. I was so bored most of the time and didn't realize reporting would mean spending the concert backstage.
  9. I wore a red sweater and pleather jacket.