1. Great Debates hosted by @helytimes and @davis. Two dudes argue ridiculous topics. Recently @davis said this podcast is for people who know them and are soothed by their voices. I definitely fall into this category. But also it's a very entertaining podcast.
  2. Gilmore Guys. I love all things Gilmore Girls. This is a podcast where two young guys (it's important they're young -- I find that to be a part of why I enjoy it. ) talk about the show. One has seen it. One has not.
  3. How Was Your Week w/ Julie Klausner. A classic. Just realized I should invite Julie. She would be great at these lists. This podcast was on hiatus for a few months, but it's back! She has a take on everything and it's always one you want to hear.
  4. Filip & Fredrik podcast
    Is this an open list? Or maybe you could try it and see if you enjoy it Aish? It is two Swedish media personalities and national celebrities discussing the world and celebrity culture in funny but highly thoughtful ways and interestingly expressed, articulate English. I really enjoy it and bet many discriminating Listapp listeners may as well.
    Suggested by @helytimes