Sitcom Moments I Still Think About That Relate to My Present Day Fears

  1. Kate and Allie episode where Kate or Allie (Jane Curtin) loses her wallet and happens to be wearing old clothes, so people immediately assumed she's homeless and she has no way of reaching her family so she has to live on the streets for an episode. FEAR OF MAKING A LIFE-RUINING MISTAKE
  2. Growing Pains episode where Chrissy wants a later bedtime because she thinks she's missing out on fun. Her parents let her stay up late to prove she's missing nothing. Through a series of events, that is the one night there is a crazy party/circus in their living room. FEAR OF MISSING OUT
  3. Growing Pains Halloween episode where Mike meets a cute girl and they hang out and then she randomly takes off and he goes to her house and the person who opens the door says, "That girl's been dead for forty years." FEAR OF DISHONESTY IN RELATIONSHIPS
  4. Family Matters when Urkel drinks some alcohol and immediately goes insane and almost falls off a roof. FEAR OF BEING CONNED because for some time I believed this to be the real effects of drinking.