Inspired by @zoe @MirandaBerman. I went to high school on Long Island.
  1. For girls -- Sneakers pointing out from the edge of frayed flare jeans.
  2. A hair color I have never seen anywhere else except on dogs -- deep brown auburn with golden amber highlights. Again, for girls.
  3. Drinking vodka from water bottles.
  4. Being on the lacrosse team.
  5. Dating someone from another school or someone who used to go to our school but had graduated or dropped out.
  6. Abercrombie
  7. Publicly displayed photo collages or personalized t-shirts announcing your specific clique or group of friends.
  8. A lot of other things that probably went over my head.
  9. Football players and cheerleaders were the least popular people at my school. They were very content in their own traditional social group world that had nothing to do with what was actually happening at school.