My mom and I pretty much watched everything together, but here are some specific shows and memories.
  1. Martin. I think my mom often thought this show was "so wrong," but she was very good about letting me watch any show that was funny.
  2. The Simpsons. Humor quality is also how The Simpsons made the list. Originally, she thought the show was inappropriate and offensive. Then she watched and laughed and let me watch it and it became my favorite.
  3. Sisters. @sophia My mom has five sisters and I was always like, "Is this like you guys? Would you ever do that to Aunt Gloria?" Her answer was always, "No." Never found out who was the Teddy of our family.
  4. Soaps. My mom was so against soaps, but her mother watched and because grandma did while she babysat me, I ended up watching and soon my mom got caught up in One Life to Live too. She worked a night shift, so we would watch a daytime soap and catch up before she left for work.
  5. Seinfeld. The night of the series finale, my aunt and grandmother made a surprise visit to our house. They live in the same town as us and we saw them all the time, so I suggested she tell them to come back, but my mom was so intent on being a good hostess, she missed a lot of the finale. Humor vs. etiquette is a battle that's in our genes.
  6. Ally McBeal. Why was this show so funny to me as a kid? I recently re watched and asked my childhood best friend why were watching this show when we were so young? He had no idea. I think maybe the cutaways and singing and dancing babies and Ally being insane made it feel like a kids show.
  7. Gilmore Girls. This show is basically about a mother and daughter who watch stuff together, so of course.