Please add.
  1. Intense kissing, then quickly taking off each other's clothes (like you're being timed super fast), then getting under the covers and going to sleep.
  2. Farting in each other's butts
    This was not me!!! This was claimed by a friend who should remain anonymous
    Suggested by @LevNovak
  3. I thought two people decided they wanted a baby, went to the hospital, and a team of doctors and nurses inserted the penis into the vagina.
    Suggested by @shinyunicorn
  4. Intense kissing and then the guy gets on top of the girl but I had zero idea what happens after that.
    Suggested by @mandi
  5. Naked hugging
    Suggested by @jamie
  6. I learned via a book when I was five (when I was told I'd have a new sibling) that is was a special hug so I knew it involved hugging and being in bed under sheets together and pressing bodies together. Which is basically what I learned on The Simpsons, too. Other than that I was lost.
    Suggested by @erinmallorylong
  7. I thought that when I got to puberty Id pee milk containing tadpoles from time to time. And you had to try and do this into a vagina.
    Suggested by @jmc
  8. always standing up
    it didn't even enter into possibility there was any other way to get it done
    Suggested by @kristen
  9. Like bodies just rubbing vertically in opposite directions?
    Suggested by @leslie