Jaws was one of the three Betamax tapes (yes, that long ago) at my grandparents. Weird but true. My cousins and I watched it repetitively. They invented a game for when we went swimming.
  1. Wait for someone to dive into the pool
    Ideally, your six year old cousin.
  2. Swim along the bottom of the pool
    Tip: if you do this pretty regularly anyway, it's less suspicious. I mean, who doesn't want to prove they don't really need to come up for air? Perfect kid logic.
  3. Stop beneath your victim
    Oops! Totally meant surprise participant who will be super happy to have been included in this game!
  4. Grab their legs and yank them underwater
    You know, like they're being attacked by the shark in Jaws and about to die!
  5. Laugh uproariously and appear baffled by any lack of enthusiasm for this awesome game
    To their credit, they may have been honestly baffled. Ah, childhood.
  6. When called out on this twenty years later, swear it was your brother and that you would never have done such a thing.
    Bonus points if you can keep a straight face.