getting things done or enjoyingan activity at lunch is like stolen time and sometimes feels like my most important hour of the day! I also should disclose I typically eat at my desk at other times of the day to dedicate all lunch time to activity of choosing!
  1. Fishing
    I've caught up to 4 bass at a local pond near the office in 45 min. (Catch&release). I like to do so many different activities on days off fishing very rarely wins my pick but at lunch once a week in summer scratches the itch and is a perfect way to split up the day!
  2. Hike
  3. Hair cut
    My barber Mickey typically isn't as busy in the late afternoon and call before hand helps to avoid a wait.
  4. Driving Range
    Hitting a small bucket of balls for half the price thanks to some savvy negotiation
  5. Shop
  6. Go to Library
  7. Post office
  8. Gym