1. Mrs. Frogamine (4th Grade)
  2. Mrs. Tryba (5th Grade)
    Now dating her niece. Lol
  3. Coach Benj (7th Grade)
  4. Mr. Denton (8th Grade)
  5. Mr. Karetka (9th Grade)
  6. Ms. Davis (9th Grade)
  7. Señora Daly (9th Grade)
    Sweetest lady
  8. Mrs. Schlaffer (10th Grade)
  9. Mr. Jennings
    He's the fucking man!!! "Study it up kids"
  10. Mrs. Violette (11th Grade)
    ;).... She pregnant now!!!.....
  11. Mr. Izzo (11th Grade)
    Im gunna golf with him some day after I graduate! He's the man also #SantaMaria
  12. Mr. Janik (11th Grade)
    Always called me Alex and Nico Nick, but it's whatever
  13. Mr. Constanzi (11th Grade)
  14. Mrs. Pronovost (11th Grade)
  15. Mr. Cassidy (12th Grade)
  16. Mr. Feely (12th Grade)
  17. Ms. Decaro (12th Grade)
    She made me realize I love art and she's lowkey a milf
  18. Fed (12th Grade)