As requested by @jessicaz I had to think long and hard about this. I really love my city!
  1. You're always only 20 minutes away in any direction from a beach and the water; sun, surf, swim, sail. Your options are endless
  2. We're an outdoorsy bunch us Aucklanders. We've got volcanoes, hills and a mountain range not to mention a few hidden waterfalls.
  3. The wildlife out here is not dangerous at all, world's smallest penguins and dolphins, orcas if you get too far and of course our most famous little bird
  4. Personally I love food, and we're spoiled for choice, you won't find yourself too far away from a good eatery. And if ever in doubt always go where the locals eat
    Paradise is good for Indian food, Better Burger is my favourite burger place, Sal's for NY style pizza by the slice, the crabs at The Crab Shack, Neapolitan pizza at Dante's, Chinese at Spicy House and Mr. Zhou's dumplings
  5. Only in Auckland you'll be able to experience 4 seasons in a day the year round. No matter the season, you'll be exposed to the elements of wind, rain, sun and even the rare bit of snow.