Albums I Saved Because They Might Be Worth Real Money

I've purged of vinyl and, don't hate me, kept nothing for sentimental value.
  1. Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers. The one with the working zipper. Albums with tricky cut-outs or attachments have to be worth more. Right?
  2. Jethro Tull - Stand Up. The band members actually stand up when you open it. (See above. I also kept Some Girls and L.A. Woman - c'mon The Doors behind yellow cellophane!)
  3. This David Johansen album because it's signed though I don't know to whom or why.
  4. Jefferson Airplane's Bark. What a horrible record. It came in a brown paper bag.
  5. Kum Back, a Beatles bootleg along with Magical Mystery Tour because it still has the comic.
  6. Tubes Live. A 'clean' Tubes album has to be worth something, right?
  7. OK. One for sentimental reasons. The first blues album I bought.