1. Visit a museum/expo that i have been wanting to see for a while ✅
  2. See a museum or an expo or concert that I would normally not go to✅
  3. Sit for a caricature to start a collection
  4. Make 1 watercolour/week amd a minimum of 4✅
  5. Print a bigger photo for W's room
  6. Choose 2 personality traits and work on them (eg. Taking initiative and not care about other people's opinion)✅
  7. Purposely do something uncomfortable (call someone, meet someone, say no at work, do not agree when there's nothing in for me, etc)✅
  8. Read a profile from the blue book of Great Thinkers/day✅
  9. Meal prep for 4 days✅
  10. Hip mobility with gliders 5 days/week✅