I'm studying abroad this semester in Hamburg, so I took the opportunity to hop over the pond early and visit London.
  1. Observed a street brawl.
    It was in Camden at like 6:30 in the evening. Still unclear why it broke out.
  2. Saw a premier league match.
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    Tottenham v Everton. Ended in a tie, but was still awesome being surrounded by a packed house of vulgar British fans. Seeing Tim Howard was an added perk.
  3. Saw Abbey Road studios
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  4. Finished the Eragon book series.
    I realized the last one had been released, apparently in 2011. Out of a misguided sense of loyalty, I read the last one. It was not great.
  5. Befriended some Edinburgh natives and drank with them at a club I didn't hate.
    They played almost exclusively late '90s early 2000s rock/pop-punk. Drunk me was extremely pleased.
  6. Saw Book of Mormon
  7. Went on the tour of the Churchill War Bunker
    I think I was expecting just one room? There was a whole hive of offices and rooms. Highly recommend doing this if you go.
  8. Finished season one of Mystery Show podcast.
    Also highly recommend.
  9. Ate fish and chips and bangers and mash.
    But indulged a lot more in the Indian food.
  10. Ran through Hyde Park and on the South Bank (separate occasions).
  11. Walked around a LOT and saw a bunch of really cool markets.
    Camden Stables Market was my overall fave, but Burrough Market was awesome for food.
  12. Missed my stateside friends.
    I'm afraid they're having fun without me despite my explicit instructions to the contrary.