1. Schultüte
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    Schultüte's are the bags of sweets kindergarteners traditionally bring to class on the first day of school. Tüte also means joint. Hence the kid with the giant joint.
  2. Mural by Inner Fields
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    Created for media design company Beebop
  3. "This neighborhood hunts nazis"
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    Made in response to the neo-nazis who were demonstrating against admitting Syrian refugees into Germany.
  4. Watercolor Girl
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    Artist el bocho has a series of watercolor girls he paints on side streets. With rain, they'll slowly fade into the walls.
  5. Party Pulpo
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    Styrofoam pasted to the wall. A pretty common image of an octopus chilling with seven beers.
  6. Kilimanschanzo
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    An old building converted to a climbing wall. Name is a portmanteau of Kilimanjaro and the name of the neighborhood, Sternschanze.
  7. Another selection from Kilimanschanzo
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  8. The Tree Project
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    Done by the Zonenkinder Kollektiv. Faces on trees that try to emulate their personalities.
  9. Spider
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    Done by artist Nychos in the Gängeviertel, a group of historic squat houses.