1. The little beer mist that comes out of a freshly opened bottle.
    I like to inhale it real quick
  2. Redeeming punchcards
    Since moving to NYC, my wallet has dramatically expanded for this reason. Have one for pretty much every coffee shop and deli I frequent
  3. Finishing an entire tube of chapstick
    Not like after chowing down in one sitting; after YEARS of periodic use
  4. A really satisfying back crack
    These are probably gonna land me in a wheelchair, but I can't break the habit
  5. Light jacket weather
    So like a whole two weeks of the year in Chicago
  6. Snail mail
    Both sending and receiving
  7. Surface noise
    I find it a comforting reminder that what you're listening to is physically present
  8. First night of clean sheets
    Warm associations with childhood for some reason
  9. Corgis
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    This is my grandma's corgi, Baxter
  10. Getting so familiar with an album the next song plays in your head before it actually starts