I sat down and tried to list all the ways I confuse myself. I have a feeling this list isn't exhaustive though.
  1. Love being around and getting to know people (in the singular sense),
    but hate being around people (in the music festival sense).
  2. A staunch optimist,
    but consistently anxious that things won't work out for me.
  3. Adaptable to new and adverse surroundings,
    but have difficulty switching courses after I've settled on a plan.
  4. Maintain romantic notions of love,
    but generally feel beaten down and apathetic on the subject.
  5. Independent minded,
    but I find myself agonizing over inconsequential decisions based on my anticipation of negative perceptions.
  6. Care deeply about human rights,
    but am currently pursuing a career as a corporate lawyer.
  7. Rational and pragmatic,
    but delight in the absurd and believe beauty resides in the inarticulable.
  8. Not combative or argumentative,
    but training to basically be a professional arguer.
  9. Exercise more than most,
    but don't really look in shape.
  10. Am confident enough to actively pursue those I'm interested in,
    but don't ever really feel worthy of their affection
  11. Intensely introspective,
    yet unable to explain away these contradictions.