I guess I'm a bit of a pack rat. These have made it through at least 7 moves, from Indiana to Chicago to New York.
  1. 26th Annual Rensselaer Cross Country Invitational. 2002(?)
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    From my first cross country race in 6th grade, so probably circa 2002. 6th graders normally ran 2K races but for some reason at this one, we ran 3. I was very intimidated. Also I was still chubby and slow. This shirt ended up being my "concert shirt," or, the shirt I made sure to wear to every concert.
  2. 2005(?) Catch 22 show at the Metro.
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    Ska shows are a fucking workout. Great memories of jumping around in a mosh pit while trying to scream the mile-a-minute lyrics. I was in great shape, but still got winded after like 2 songs.
  3. 2006 Living End Show at House of Blues
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    This was an extremely enjoyable show and I still love this shirt. Unfortunately, it's waaaaay too small for me now.
  4. 2006 Harry and the Potters Show at Ida Noyes on the UChicago campus.
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    This show was tons of fun. It was also my first introduction to UChicago's campus so maybe this show should take credit for my eventual matriculation?
  5. State cross country team shirt for 2006.
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    Those who made it onto the state team got to design a special shirt. NCP stands for "New Cheesetown Players." But you had to be cool to know that. I still don't know why we picked Shaggy, but 0 regrets about it.
  6. 2006 Cross Country State Championships
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    This was the first state meet I'd run. An atmosphere like no other, fraught with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the final event of the season. I ran my junior year PR there and I believe our team ended up 16th. We were happy just to be there.
  7. 2006 Against Me! Show at the Metro.
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    The first of many Against Me! shows. I'm pretty sure this is when they played with Alkaline Trio, who played the entirety of God Dammit straight through. It was awesome.