1. Right knee
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    At ~6-7, I was flying down this slight hill on my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bike. I think I'd just recently taken the training wheels off. I lost control and scraped my knee. It took forever to heal cause it was the summer and I kept going swimming/not letting it scab over.
  2. Left eyebrow
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    Playing tag as a youngin. The kid I was chasing ran through a fence gate and swung it back behind him-nailing me right in the face. This is the only time I've gotten stitches and I still remember laying on the Dr.'s table. It's mainly obscured by my eyebrow, but it's there if you really look.
  3. Right index finger
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    As a kid growing up in Indiana, I occupied a bit of my time collecting pocket knives and whittling sticks. This is one of the results of that occupation. At least I got comfortable with the sight of blood and learned basic first aid!
  4. Right lower back
    Doing yard work; hauling newly cut saplings and other logs to the ravine in my back yard and throwing them over. When I launched one over my back, a protruding branch scraped my lumbar region.
  5. Stomach and right armpit
    Running at a state park my sophomore year of high school. We'd been out for more than an hour and found a short cut back to our cars that would've shaved off an extra three miles. It was obstructed by a fence though, so we decided to climb. As tends to be the case with runners, my upper body is lacking in strength. Right at the top, I slipped and the fence caught me on the way down. Could've been a lot worse. I made it over on the second try.
  6. Left shin
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    Intramural soccer championships my third year of college (at UChicago, we say "third year" cause we're fancy). This overly aggressive asshole was playing with a giant metal knee brace. He attacked the ball when I had it and I felt an impact, but didn't notice anything more. Five minutes later, another player on the other team is staring at my leg and just points down. My shin is covered in blood. I leave the game and wrap it up, but they score the one and only goal of the game while I'm out.
  7. Left forearm
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    Making a fairly dense potato leek soup last year for a group of friends. It started to boil, and a big splotch exploded out of the pot and landed on my arm. Did not realize that it would be as severe of a burn as it was.