It gets kind of boring telling the same story over and over to people asking what my tattoo means, so I've concocted a few explanations to mix it up a bit.
  1. First things first, here's a pic of the tattoo in question
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  2. Homage to Snail Mail
    Back in the good ol days of the Pony Express, horns like the one I've got tattooed were used to announce the arrival of a mail carrier. I like to try to convince people that I'm so nostalgic for the days of physical letters that I got this tattoo. I am actually pretty nostalgic about letters- anyone want a pen pal?
  3. Family Crest
    For this one, I say my family has a storied history of bugling in various wars dating back to the French and Indian War. To maintain a connection to this past, we've adopted this image as our family crest.
  4. Band Geek
    So I actually did play trumpet throughout high school and that sliver of truth makes this one quite convincing. I explain that I loved my time playing and wanted to commemorate it with a tattoo.
  5. Heir to the Harmon Mute Fortune
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    Here's a picture of a Harmon mute. I only know what these are because of my jazz band days. As you can see, the horn in the tattoo has a mute in the bell. I like so say my great grandfather invented the Harmon mute and I got the tattoo to honor his memory.
  6. The Truth???
    I'm a member of the Trystero. (From Pynchon's Crying of Lot 49)