Anyone else have songs or albums that transport them back to another place and time? I'm sure you do. Here are some of mine in no particular order
  1. Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons, Best Of
    Growing up, my mom was constantly playing the oldies station on the car. I must've displayed uncommon enthusiasm for Frankie Valley, because at age ~7, I got their best of TAPE, and played it on repeat. Attempting to sing every song. I recently found the the same on vinyl for like $3. Maybe my best find ever.
  2. Bouncing Souls, "Night Train" off Anchors Away
    Post-breakup song used extensively in second year of college after split with high school girlfriend when the world was ending. Obviously.
  3. Alkaline Trio, God Dammit/Against Me! As the Eternal Cowboy
    Basically alternated these two albums driving to high school in my '94 Beretta. They're both short, so they got a lot of plays. But I always skip #6 on God Dammit. I've got this Pavlovian negative reaction to the first plucked strings cause the vocals are so bad in that song.
  4. Smashmouth, Astro Lounge
    I checked out this CD from the library and played All Star on repeat while reading he lyrics in the liner notes to memorize all the words before I had to return it. Was successful and can still recite them.
  5. Blink 182, Enema of the State
    Made some new friends in fifth grade and this is what they were into. I definitely felt like I was one of the cool kids when I listened.
  6. Elliot Smith
    Since about 2011, whenever fall rolls around, I get the urge to listen to Elliot Smith. From a Basement on a Hill is my favorite.
  7. The Strokes, First Impressions of Earth
    Somehow, The Strokes evaded my knowledge until college. This was actually the first album by them that I heard. I loved it and listened to it a lot during my second year of college. I went back in their discography from there, but this might still be my favorite.
  8. Third Eye Blind, self titled
    My older brother got this album, and I have a distinct memory of trying to talk to him about Semi-Charmed Life cause I had heard him playing it. In his usual brusk manner, he told me the "cool" song was now Jumper and ended the conversation. V sad.
  9. Blink 182, "Carousel" off Cheshire Cat
    This was the first song I learned to play on the bass. We had just formed a band and bass was somewhat arbitrarily assigned to me. I remember sitting in my bed, in the phone with my friend Gerard as he explained step by step how to play the solo. I would later become infamous (among my two band mates) for constantly requesting that we play this song.
  10. Weird Al, basically his whole collection
    So awesome that he's here now! He was my first concert. Went to see him with my then best friend in fifth grade. I got to sing along to all the songs I had memorized. Heard Yoda as an encore. I still have the shirt somewhere. I got an XL for some reason and it's still big on me.
  11. Cursive, Ugly Organ
    I got this album blind off someone's recommendation sophomore year of high school. I remember listening to it in my car in the dark on the way back from Best Buy. The album scared the bejesus out of me. I picked it up again a few years later to give it another go and from that point, it became one of my favorite, albeit mentally distressing, albums.