I'd like to think this is an endearing little quirk of mine, but it probably just annoys the shit out of my friends.
  1. Tamoots
    Tomatoes. Pretty sure I picked this one up from my mom.
  2. Patoots
    Potatoes and butts. I'm pretty sure this is where I start to branch out on my own. Not that they're related in any way. They're just homonyms in my made up language.
  3. Wau-ke$ha
    Wau-ke-shaw. (Phonetic spelling of Waukesha, a town in Wisconsin)
  4. Chipottle
    Chipotle. I'm pretty sure this is my least original and most infuriating mispronunciation.
  5. Heresy
    Hearsay. This one's more law school specific.
  6. Cukes
    Cucumbers. Also from my mom. I don't think this one is unique to our family in the least though
  7. Sparrow's guts
  8. Sooms
    Boobs. This one's more of an abbreviation. My friend started referring to hers as bosoms, and that quickly got shortened to sooms.
  9. Bood light
    Bud light
  10. Cashish
    Cash. This one definitely appropriated from one of my friends. Don't remember which one though
  11. Avogadros
  12. Booze-ohol
  13. Clurb