Guess where I wrote this list.
  1. Anywhere while running
    Physically and mentally excruciating. Worst on city streets with no public restroom near. I've had some close calls...
  2. Music festivals
    You'll never wait in such a long line to gain entry to such a foul place again.
  3. Airplanes
    There WILL be someone waiting for you to get out, and they will know what you've done.
  4. Dive bars
    Dive bars are my jam, but do NOT visit one after eating Taco Bell. (T-Bell is also my jam)
  5. Friend's studio apartment
    The line between true friends and mere acquaintances.
  6. At your seventh grade girlfriend's house the first time you're invited over.
    This definitely didn't happen to me.
  7. Ski lift
    Someone told me a story about this once. It was horrible and disgusting.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey