My first job was at a Mens Apparel, Music Vinyl Records, Skate, and Kicks Shop called "Backside" from being age 17 in May 2011 til age 21 in May 2015. Four Years of Awesomeness!
  1. I could listen to whatever I wanted
    Seriously, we had Spotify, i took advantage making playlists, always listening to new albums every tuesday. No censorship at all either!
  2. Discounts!
    My Discount was I could get any item for "Cost" which is what the store paid for the item. If i paid cash i could also get no tax on top.
  3. Soul Assassins Radio
    Every Thursday night was Soul Assassins Radio live at the shop. Always the most fun night to work out of the week. Guests from Schoolboy Q, Dom Kennedy, Migos, Dam Funk, Over a 100+ Guests over the time I worked came. Always great to meet Artists i listened to, and meet in person.
  4. Promo
    Companies from brands or music we carried would give us free promo to wear or listen to. Always a great benefit.
  5. Food
    I had all the choices in the world for any food that I was in the mood for since we were on one of the most popular streets for business in the city.
  6. Free Tickets to Festivals, and Events
    We had a website for the store, and a blog so I applied for a Media Pass to anything worth going to, and shoot photos to write a post show post.
  7. Free KBBQ
    Whenever we got a new employee the Boss would take us all out to KBBQ to welcome them. Paid for by the Boss as well
  8. Having a job that im I enjoy
    Im forever grateful that I was able to have a job that I enjoy. Especially as a first job. Obcourse I can't say everyday was a walk in the park, but I got to wake up, and have a job that was part of my interests. Which in this day and age is rare regardless.
  9. Anyday off
    I could take as many days off, whenever I needed if i was able to find coverage. Which I always got coverage.
    My favorite part of my job was working with my friends. They weren't just my co workers they were my family, and still are even when i'm not there anymore. I am forever grateful for the co workers ive built such strong bonds with, and customers ive made friends with as as well.