Not in chronological order. This is the exact location / place I was when I heard the news about the lives of the individuals listed were no longer on this earth no more.
  1. Classmates of 2012 that I graduated with Sameer, Sugey, and Malak
    This was in October of 2013, I wasn't in town. I was on Vacation in Orlando Florida, with two close friends, and my cousin. At the time I was texting with a flirt i was into. I remember being at Universal Orlando, i was just texting back and forth with my flirt in the morning. She told me something horrible happened in our town. A car crash, and that Malak might be dead. I called my best friend Immediately to find out. Sadly he gave me news that Sameer, Sugey along with 2 others had passed.
  2. Nik who was one of my Best Friends in Middle School 2012
    Nik Foster but known as Nik Pathi at the time of his death, was one of my first friends in Middle School from beginning til the near end of 8th grade. We lost our friendship at the end of 8th grade over a stupid fight. Luckily I ran into him at a party when we were in high school and we had a good time, and put the past behind us. It was 2013, I just got out the movie theaters in my town to see on facebook that he committed suicide. I was really thankful we put the past behind us at that party.
  3. Dan Mira High School Classmate 2014
    Dan was a grade above me in High School, we didnt talk much til after we both graduated. He was a frequent customer at the record shop i worked at. We became friends, and he asked me to shoot photos of him, and watch his videos. Sadly, he was in and out of the hospital alot, and i noticed on his IG he was posting Codeine frequently. I was worried so I reached out to him. Unfortunately he didnt want my help, said he was fine. I was at my friends one night in 2014 when i got word of his overdose.