1. The Wall - Pink Floyd
    My introduction to the prog rock world and, in my opinion, the best prog rock band that has ever existed.
  2. The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
    This was the base to becoming a metalhead, I went to the record store and picked this at random without even knowing the impact it had on the genre. Best decision of my life.
  3. Some People Have Real Problems - Sia
    In a time when I thought my music tastes were defined just by rock and heavy metal Sia came into my life with this outstanding album, very chill and with some heartbreaking lyrics. Her voice captivated me and my music tastes expanded more from this point.
  4. Greatest KISS - KISS
    At a very young age when I hadn't defined yet a music taste, KISS was the band which made me start listening to the rock genre more often.
  5. B/E/A/T/B/O/X - Glass Candy
    Although I listened to bands like Kavinsky before this, Glass Candy was my point to go forward all the way to the synthwave/synthpop, italo-disco music (Also all the Johnny Jewel bands). This happened not long ago, but since then I have discovered so many bands on the genres.
  6. JPN - Perfume
    Started as a guilty pleasure, but listening to Perfume was the base for me to start discovering more foreign bands, not only on the jpop genre, but also japanese jazz, rock, metal bands. I was so closed with english-only (not rock/metal) bands that I forgot there was a whole wolrd out there.
  7. Back in Black - AC/DC
    This album and band was the one that made me say "I want to play guitar", Angus Young was my principal inspiration to learn. They were also my first hard rock band favorites and I'm still a great follower, even though there has been a lot of changes in the last year.