Here's a list of weather things people like that I don't understand. I know I'm intense but my dog just died so have mercy.
  1. "It's so peaceful, I love sleeping in thunderstorms"
    No, it is NOT, it is electricity popping in the sky at random times and sometimes it'll be quiet quiet quiet and then it just booms like a cannon without warning. Who in the hell are we kidding here? Especially when you wake up at 5 AM to it. Rain= wonderful. Thunder= FUCKING DISRUPTIVE. You'd think it was a disturbance if it were your upstairs neighbor dribbling a basketball at 5 AM so why not this?
  2. "Oh, good, the sun's coming out" on a cloudy day
    Right but since it's cloudy, the sun is just making an ugly steamy dirty white sky like someone just flipped on a fluorescent light outside. Sunny days with saturated blue skies full of big puffy white clouds (or even better, cloudless on those crisp fall & winter days) are one thing. I call that Clean Sunlight. I call the sun interrupting cloudy grey days Dirty Sunlight. And one of the most perplexing things in my life is that some people can't seem to tell the difference between the two.