1. was also the first time my best friend (still my oldest and dearest) got drunk.
  2. I think I was 15? I'm pretty sure. 15 or 16.
  3. That means he was 13 or 14.
  4. We were at a party at our older, more worldly friend Sebastian's house.
  5. (We knew him through the community theatre, although I can't remember if this was a cast party or someone's birthday.)
  6. Sebastian's parents were either out of town or in bed, but our mothers were right there.
    They liked to live vicariously through us socially. They didn't come to everything, though. Thank goodness.
  7. Sebastian's parents had a bar with a margarita machine in the middle of their house.
    The margaritas literally went on and on.
  8. So this was a pretty big party but by like... well after midnight.. there were just a handful of mostly Sebastian's friends from his school, all older than us.
  9. For the next 2+ hours our moms were standing against the wall trying to get us to leave and trying their hardest, and failing, to pretend that they weren't v entertained.
    Especially combined, we were a force to be reckoned with and kept demanding to stay 30 more minutes.
  10. I forget how we ended up with drinks, but they were sneaky and told our moms they were virgin.
  11. We kept refilling and refilling and he had this one CUTE friend who would get on the ground behind the bar and add tequila real sneaky-like and ugh I thought we had a future together, I don't remember what he looked like but I knew he was gorgeous.
  12. We kept laughing louder and louder (bff's voice had not changed yet and at this point in our lives he laughed like Little Orphan Annie) and then we started SCREAMING jokes at them. We were dying to tell these jokes.
  13. I think we may have also done our stunt for them where we "stage kissed" which we really loved performing for people at the time. Little attention whores.
  14. At one point one of our moms said, "THAT'S NOT VIRGIN."
  15. But they loved it lol.
  16. I swear we left at like 3 in the morning.
  17. Our moms put up with so much shit.
  18. I kept telling my best friend's mom that I loved her and cracking myself up and also hugging all of Sebastian's friends.
  19. They were so entertained and proud of themselves.
  20. I was only mildly in trouble afterward.
  21. It was a really good way to get first drunk.
  22. I also don't recall a hangover. I was the perfect level of drunk, I think.
  23. And the first time I got like, blackout drunk was when I moved to New York a few years later.
  24. But that story's not half as charming.
  25. 💃🏻