Bangs + curly hair = RISK!
  1. Joey Ramone
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    I'm always trying to look like a 70's rock god so this was pretty chill
  2. Donna Summer
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    Sorry I live in NY and it's humid
  3. Jennifer Beals
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    It's getting to be real 80's up in here
  4. Andie MacDowell
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    Alloz 80's!
  5. Denis Piel photograph
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    This one is from my boss bc we work in fashion
  6. Jimmy Page
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    My hair stylist gave this one up and I wish it were true (re: first post of this list)
  7. Versace Resort 2016 / Mica Arganaraz
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    This was my reference. Hehe
  8. Roseanne Roseannadanna
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    Again sorry about the humidity 😁
  9. Maria Schneider - Last Tango in Paris
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    Yes yes yes!!! Amazing suggestion by @LAmag
  10. Me
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    Here I am!