Where's my axe?
  1. The grind darling
    You worked really hard to get that shot. The access was impossible. You were on your last battery. It was an exhausting day of bad filming and this was the only scene you shot that day that felt like it could actually work - hell, could this be a pivotal part of the story? Everything by a miracle fell into place - you can’t believe you got the shot. You celebrate that night on your pillow of tears.
  2. The glory darling
    Everything is going so damn well its scary. How are you this lucky? Oh god, is it the golden hour? And the person you're filming just happens to be in one of the most beautiful places on earth? LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL SHOT! Are those birds singing? Is that music in your head? Yes. That’s in your head.
  3. The perfect darling
    Wow… this edit is going so well. Look how perfect this shot is next to this one. The transition is so smooth and I love the sound design. It’s like all these shots were meant to be together. A perfect little scene. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the story…