1. Things are never as bad as they seem or as good as they seem.
  2. I am only human I am designed to disappoint you
  3. Me: I can't go back, sorry. Drew : You can't go backwards only forwards? that's not a bad thing.
  4. I want my own ball. My own bowling ball.
  5. Me: This is America, Drew: no its Bread and I'm shocked and horrified that I know that!
  6. The fire is the energy
  7. Teams that press don't like to be pressed
  8. Don't resent other peoples's success or good fortune.
  9. My little toe can't decide whether it wants to curl up or straightened out.
  10. The past is closed, the Future is open.
  11. Assume innocence, Seek clarity .
  12. Say what you mean.
  13. Only drink what you need.
  14. The plane has wifi for sale. Oh good I can pay money so I can work more.