Pretty stars, clusters, maybe even a galaxy!
  1. Capella
    You'll notice it even if you're not looking for it. In early evening in fall it sparkles low in the NE like the flashing red and blue of an alien police car.
  2. Pleiades
    This star cluster in Taurus looks like a really tiny dipper. So you can see the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and Teeny Tiny Dipper all on one night.
  3. Double Cluster in Perseus
    This pair of 4th magnitude stars look like 2 blurry patches with your eyes but turn into a pair of speckled star clusters through binoculars that remind me of the eyes in a mask.
  4. Andromeda Galaxy
    Technically in Andromeda, I find it by using the right hand side of the W shape of Cassiopeia, which sort of points the way to the galaxy. Looking at the light coming from the Andromeda Galaxy is the same as looking back 2 1/2 billion years in time. Now it is faint, fuzzy and distant, but someday it will crash into the Milky Way and merge with us.