1. You used to be a lot more chill.
    Remember that time Casey and I came home super drunk and you made us egg sandwiches even though we were being so loud? I feel like you would never do that now, even if I were still friends with Casey.
  2. You never tell me I'm pretty anymore.
    Saying you like my sweater isn't the same. Sweaters rule and are so likeable so whatever.
  3. You used to stand up for the little guy
    Now you are super corporate. Not literally, just vibe wise.
  4. We aren't in love
    Or speaking
  5. You never hit up estate sales these days
    You used to love estate sales and find the coolest stuff
  6. I feel like you aren't as into Facebook
    But maybe you just blocked me or like semi blocked me. I don't know. You just seem really different. Time is so crazy.