1. Don't Call Me Katie Rose by Lenore Mattingly Weber
    Not a recent rental but still distinct in my memory. I rented this book every time I went to the library from age 9-13. Perfect mix of preteen angst and sophisticated "adult" subject matter
  2. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
    Beautiful World War Two love story!
  3. Where Women are Kings by Christie Watson
    A book about biracial parents who adopt an older child with a troubled past. Highly emotionally manipulative and not totally realistic. I can't get the characters, who made me love them, out of my head.
  4. Beautiful Eyes by Paul Ethan Austin
    A memoir of a father about his daughter with Down syndrome. One of the most pleasantly uplifting books I've read in years. I recommend it to every person who likes happiness. Please read it.
  5. Let The Devil Sleep by John Verdun
    The sequel to a different thriller I hadn't read. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe it just is a wordy book with an unimaginative plot, whiny characters and a frustrating resolution.