My manicurist Xio Ling and I honestly connected on a spiritual level
  1. My future as a teacher
    She noted that it will be a good job because I can make money and still be a good wife and mommy 😬
  2. The best summer nail colors for a young professional woman
  3. Her son's white friend Gary
    Her son is funny, but Gary is funnier
  4. Boston, Massachusetts
    It's a nice city...
  5. The state of China's relationship with the U.S.
    She offered to get me a job teaching English in China to create goodwill between our two counties
  6. Her dear friend Pei-pei
    She wants to connect us. She thinks we'll get along.
  7. The importance of the SATs
  8. My commitment to maintaining my cuticles
    She was very complimentary
  9. Our respective ticklish spots
  10. When we'll see each other again
    We both preferred that it be sooner rather than later