1. I should workout today
  2. I definitely should workout today
  3. I'm gonna workout today
  4. Not right now though, I will a little later
  5. Hm I shouldn't eat too heavy right now or it will be hard to work out later
  6. I really want this leftover fried rice though
  7. I'll eat it anyway and just push my workout back by an hour
  8. Maybe 2 hours
  9. Hmm I really don't want to workout
  10. Maybe I'll just workout tomorrow instead
  11. Yeah I'll work out tomorrow instead
  12. No wait that's not right
  13. I'll workout today and tomorrow
  14. This is the new me-I workout every day
  15. But maybe the new me can start tomorrow
  16. NO
  17. I'm gonna workout when this show ends
  18. Maybe I'll just watch one more episode
  19. But I'm totally gonna workout after that