These convos are best had over hardboiled eggs and triscuits
  1. The latest sale my grandma took advantage of at the super market
    Savings of over a dollar require at least a 7 minute conversation
  2. Water Aerobics
    To use a noodle or not to use a noodle is a frequent debate between them even though they both seem to feel a noodle is the way to go
  3. Traffic
    I find this is equally likely to be discussed on days when neither of them has driven anywhere
  4. What my cousins are up to
    Never factual. Always speculation based on most recent Facebook posting. Often followed by long periods of searching Facebook for whatever post they are referring to
  5. Jeopardy
    When it will be on. If it will be a good episode. Whether they like the current champion or not.
  6. Word for word repeat of any of the above conversations
    My grandpas hearing is going. We sometimes have the same conversations 3 to 4 times in one night