A lot can happen over pancakes
  1. "I just feel like you and I together are rewriting history"
    I wasn't sure where the conversation was going at this point...
  2. "You make me feel like I live in my own cramped world and I'm fighting to get out"
    This came with no context and no one followed up on it
  3. Boy: "I just don't know how to see through your eyes"
  4. Girl: (shrieking) "you just don't know how to see through my eyes!?!"
  5. "I think I like this bacon better than our relationship"
  6. "Well, we've paid...go now..."
  7. "I should have been at work half an hour ago. If that doesn't sum this all up perfectly than I don't know what is"
    They really lost me on this one...How does that sum anything up?!