Cuz draft week
  1. One of those baby dolls whose eyes actually blink whom I named Eve after one of my friends moms...
  2. The carnival prize someone (my aunt?) won me as a toddler. It's a tiny stuffed Frankenstein that toddler me called Guy.
    Unclear if I knew that was a name or was referring to his gender
  3. A porcelain doll that's like really big--maybe 3 feet tall--who's hair is really tangled and gross. Her name was Maureen
    According to my parents I did not know any Maureens at the time
  4. A stuffed monkey in overalls and a little blue hat named George
    Unrelated to curious George
  5. A stuffed gorilla from the Philadelphia zoo also named George
  6. A clown music box thats head spins around 360 degrees as it plays it's a small world after all
    Unnamed because it's creepy as shit and you don't name toys that might kill you in your sleep