In no particular order...
  1. Young, Wild and Poor
    Will also be the title of my memoir about being a 20 something in NY
  2. ZBB
    Zac Brown Band. I have two versions of this playlist. I don't really know why...
  3. Various playlists of @elisestern
    I can't listen to these anymore because I inevitably imagine Elise listening to them and then cry because she's so far away
  4. Feelings
    Self explanatory
  5. Tequila
    Songs which are appropriate to listen to while drinking Tequila. Particularly important for Tequila Friday's
  6. Chicago???
    Created for my trip to Chicago last year. Contains Kanye west and various country music because I am intensely unsure of what the Midwest's deal is...
  7. Feelings part 2