Almost exclusively lists that are too mundane to share with listapp
  1. Today's Schedule
    In case I forget 1 of the 3 things I'm supposed to do today
  2. Potential gifts to my loved ones
    Number one on here is Taylor swift...not sure what my thought process was on that one....
  3. Friends I will still have Post Grad
    Written in a moment of intense social anxiety
  4. My college bucket list
    Identical to @elisestern college bucket list
  5. My most recent mile times
    When they're really awful, I don't include them
  6. A paper I wrote completely on my iPhone notes, in Spanish on two short stories I had to read while studying abroad
  7. Important passwords
  8. A list of the most embarrassing things my friends have said to one day use against them
  9. A note that is completely gibberish