1. Don't break up with them
    You know, when you arrange to sit down with them, outline why the friendship isn't working, tell them you can't see them anymore
  2. Do gradually fade away and out of their lives
    Leave them wondering if something happened or if you've actually been too busy to hang out for the last 5 months
  3. Do find other friends who will egg you on when you rant about the ex friends flaws
    You can't do this alone
  4. Don't let those friends ^^^ be gossips who are gonna tell everyone how shitty you are
  5. Don't do it for stupid reasons
    Make new friends but keep the old whenever possible but when you do do it...
  6. Do make sure you have an elaborate justification for yourself
    Specific character flaws (think selfish or passive aggressive) with examples to back it up
  7. Don't interact with them on social media
    No likes, no tbts, no happy birthday posts
  8. Do stay active with other friends on social media
    Make sure they know it's not that you've decided you're going through a thing where you reject technological dependence and stop using Instagram
  9. Do be petty and vengeful
    Give them reason to pull away as well
  10. Do use them pulling away the tiniest bit as evidence that it goes both ways
    This can't be just on you. It takes two to tengo
  11. Don't ever look back