It's been 2 weeks to be exact
  1. I got a new job!
    🎉exciting!🎊 but also time consuming...
  2. I've been staying with my grandparents
    70 percent of the time we spend together is them shouting questions at me about how to use their cell phones but if I dare take out mine in front of them they launch into a memorized rant about disrespectful youth culture
  3. I went to the library and took out 6 books which I desperately wanted to finish before their due date (yesterday)
    Mission accomplished ✔️Next list will be my in depth thoughts on all of them
  4. I've been soaking up summer
    And I am irrationally careful about not mixing my phone with sun, sun screen, sand and water
  5. Listers block 😿
    It's a problem with no solution