And the painful ways I've had to learn it for myself anyway
  1. Don't ditch your friends just because you're in a relationship
    Given to me just before i ditched all my friends for my first relationship. Luckily enough high schoolers are forgiving and took me back when it all went down in flames.
  2. If you get in the middle of two peoples fight, they'll both end up mad at you
    Have tested this many times. It is one hundred percent accurate.
  3. Just because something is ugly on the hanger doesn't mean it won't look good on
    I am now known for 45 minute long dressing room sessions because I insist on trying everything on.
  4. Take responsibility. Everyone screws up sometimes
    Still working on this one
  5. Never cross 2 streets at one time
    It only adds a few seconds to use the crosswalk and it could save your life
  6. Always send a thank you note
    Seriously. Always. It costs 30 cents. Just do it.