1. A car accident up close on the Jersey turnpike when I was like 11. I still get really panicky when I drive by accidents
  2. The rise of screen interactions to replace face to face communication
    Within my lifetime
  3. A homeless man having a freak out on the street in Harlem
    Sad in itself but so much worse because of the
  4. Youth taking a snapchat video of the homeless man having a freak out in the street in Harlem
    I considered screaming at him not to be a little cunt but wasn't sure how that would be received
  5. The video they show of cuts and abrasions when you get cpr certified
    So revolting
  6. A woman who got hit by a train
    Suggested by   @tombatten
  7. A video to find out if I was trypophobic (I am)
    Suggested by   @sky
  8. A man on the street giving an umbrella a blow job 4 inches from my face while staring into my soul
    Suggested by   @sky